Connecticut Online Gambling Launches!

By | October 22, 2021

This week’s gambling news finds the Connecticut online gambling from the state lottery and Tribal Gaming launching! And after a week of testing, they are ready to go live! We also cover Florida sports betting news, and an update on New York mobile betting!

Connecticut online gambling has launched on a limited basis. Last week they did a ‘soft launch’ and allowed just a few people to come on and play and test the system. But, if everything worked properly — and the system functioned as it should — then residents of Connecticut could expect to see the State Lottery and the Tribal Gaming interests there throw open the doors to their online casinos as soon as this week!

Also, sports betting in Florida is now legal, but not one casinos in the state will take your action! It seems there’s these three little lawsuits lurking about which aim to put an end to betting on sports in the state before it ever begins! One of the lawsuits is scheduled to go before a judge in just a few weeks on November 5th. If the judge were to throw this case out (as some believe he or she might do) then we could see Florida sports betting in as little as two months! However, if the judge allows the case to move forward then we could be in for years and years of fighting! We could see this escalated all the way to the US Supreme Court before anything is settled!

We’ve also been waiting for the launch of mobile sports betting in New York State. We’re told it’s on the way… sort of. The state originally said they would have mobile sports betting up and running before the Super Bowl in February. Now, however, some in the state are starting to wonder if they can actually meet that deadline. The state has set a December deadline to approve applications.

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