Eugenio’s humour returns in the latest slot game from MGA Games

By | April 25, 2022
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  • Humour, slots and MGA Games, a sure bet for casino operators
  • Eugenio’s son, Gerard Jofra, brilliantly imitates his father’s voice, bringing the comedian’s characteristic jokes and phrases to the game
  • The 3-reel slot game is now available in all main online casinos in Spain

“Do you know the one about…” the familiar phrase with which the Catalan humorist opened his jokes can now be heard once again in online casinos throughout Spain. MGA Games presents its latest creation, the 3-reel slot game Eugenio, with which the much loved comedian joins the Spanish Celebrities family. With his serious countenance, dressed in black from head to toe and accompanied by his highball glass, Eugenio becomes part of the catalogue of hilarious MGA Games productions together with other comedians such as Chiquito, Barragán, El Dioni and Arevalo.

Eugenio is a sure bet for online casino operators, and MGA Games demonstrates, once again, how to deliver a successful production by combining the perfect ingredients: humour, creativity, and innovation.

Slot game players are always looking to have fun and entertainment, and MGA Games knows just how to provide this, with humour being one of the key elements in many of its slot games. In this game, Eugenio and some of his most famous jokes can now be relived once again, thanks to his son, Gerard Jofra who brilliantly imitates his father’s voice, bringing the comedian’s characteristic jokes and phrases to the game.

The second ingredient from MGA Games, creativity, can be seen in the exceptional quality graphics. The reel symbols offer a unique setting inspired by the comedian: the microphone, the stool, his tinted glasses, and the cassette tapes with his jokes. It also includes 5 exclusive mini-games where players can relive some of Eugenio’s most famous jokes and see him shine as never before.

And last but not least is the innovation with which MGA Games has built a reputation in the gambling industry. Eugenio incorporates the latest technology and advances in mobile gaming that give this slot game an exceptional game pace.


With this production, MGA Games continues to prove that making the player smile means a lot in the gambling industry, adding phenomenal value for operators and players.

Players can enjoy Eugenio in all the main MGA Games partner online casinos in Spain starting this Monday, 25th of April.

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