Gamblewise Launches An Updated App With New Features

By | November 3, 2021
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To coincide with Safer Gambling Week Gamblewise has released an updated App with a new feature. In addition to the Time and Visit Tracker that allows people to put limits on the number of times they visit a gambling venue and the time they spend there, it now has a Gambling Diary.

The App is free to use and available in Google Play and the Apple Store under the name GW.

The new Gambling Diary lets to enter a budget for their gambling sessions and then record their wins and losses. The App keeps track of these and allows the user to see how they are faring against their budget during the previous week, month and since they started keeping the diary.

The Gambling Diary is not dependent on the Bluetooth beacon technology that Gamblewise’s original Time and Visit Tracker employs and so can be used for visits to any gambling venue, not just those of Gamblewise partners.

As part of Safer Gambling Week, Gamblewise is working with partner, Luxury Leisure, operator of AGCs under the Admiral brand, whose AGCs are all equipped with Gamblewise beacons, to promote the new App to their customers. To support this initiative AGC staff will undergo training, new brochures, an explanatory video and other point of sale material will be available in more than 240 venues.

Gamblewise Chief Executive, Andrew Tottenham said, “Gamblewise develops simple safer gambling tools that allow people to control their gambling. This latest addition to the App will allow customers to think about a spending limit before they gamble and to track their wins and losses. Like gambling, for some, driving can be a high‐risk activity and just as cars are

sold with safety devices as standard, we believe that gambling operators should provide safer gambling tools as a matter of course.”

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