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By | November 3, 2021
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Humankind, a historical turn-based strategy game from SEGA Europe & Amplitude Studios, launches its Fabius Maximus update, ushering in the official integration of mod support, powered by as well as balance changes and new setting updates.

Created by the founders of ModDB, enables cross-platform support for mods and user-generated content (UGC), giving players the unique opportunity to share their custom maps and mods in Humankind across Steam, Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Players can now create and contribute to the growing number of community-made mods, exploring and conquering limitless new versions of Humankind. is a pioneering cross-platform mod support and UGC service, which recently announced the launch of its SDK v2 and Unreal Engine Plugin v2. The platform is designed for studios that are determined to encourage their community’s creativity on PC, console, mobile and beyond, with popular games including SnowRunner, TABS, Deep Rock Galactic, Skater XL, and now Humankind using the service. supports all major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android.

“Modding and the integration of players into the development cycle of games is recognition of the huge appeal it has to both players and creators. It’s exciting to work with SEGA and Amplitude Studios on their creator community launch, by providing the technology that enables all maps, mods and everything in between to be available in-game for players on all platforms to enjoy,” says Scott Reismanis, CEO and Founder at

“Modding offers a bridge between developers and players to create and learn from each other. is right at the heart of this, and we’re thrilled that official mod support is being introduced into Humankind so early on.”

Humankind, a historical turn-based strategy game from SEGA Europe and Amplitude Studios, based on the six key eras of man, was released on 17 August 2021. Working from nomadic Neolithic times all the way to a more familiar Contemporary period, the game combines 60 historical cultures which can all be played, built and experienced, grounded in reality. The Fabius Maximus update brings’s implementation, improved quality of life and balance changes, to set the stage for Humankind to continue to evolve and offer players creative new content to explore and enjoy. Shared UGC content is available to play now at

Players can also install Humankind modding tools via their Steam library. These tools will help players to create mods more easily. For more information visit the development blog on the modding tools beta here.

Emilien Gorisse, Producer at Amplitude Studios, says: “As devs, it’s always exciting to see how players take your game and make it their own via modding. We’re excited to finally be launching these tools, and we can’t wait to see the community’s creations!”

Humankind is now available across all major PC distribution platforms and on Xbox Game Pass for PC, with the Fabius Maximus update live now.

Now is the perfect time to rewind and fight for Humankind!

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