German Lottery Saarland-Sporttoto Moves to Full Partnership with Scientific Games

By | August 19, 2021
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Scientific Games Corporation has announced that its long-time lottery customer in Saarland, Germany will move to a full instant game partnership with the company in 2022. Saarland-Sporttoto GmbH (the Lottery) will advance its instant games business strategy through a new, seven-year Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership (SGEP) contract.

Through the new partnership, the Company will provide Saarland-Sporttoto with world-leading instant game design and portfolio management services, as well as technology-driven analytics and insights, game manufacturing, advanced logistics, technologies to support inventory management and distribution and services to retailers throughout the southwest German state.

Peter Jacoby, Managing Director for Saarland-Sporttoto, said: “We are building upon a trusted, longstanding partnership with Scientific Games by advancing to a full instant game management program that has produced outstanding, sustainable growth for lotteries in Germany and around the world.”

Stefan Paulun, also Managing Director for Saarland-Sporttoto, said: “This strategic business decision will allow us to work together to further grow our instant game category, and to benefit from cost efficiencies.”

Scientific Games serves Saarland-Sporttoto through its instant game manufacturing facility in Leeds, UK and beginning in April 2022 its SGEP facility in Bielefeld, Germany, which features predictive ordering and other advanced logistics technologies. In recent years (2014-2020), the Company helped grow the Lottery’s instant games sales nearly 40%.

“We are excited to move to this next era of growth for Saarland-Sporttoto’s instant games with a full management program. Saarland-Sporttoto is now the fourth German lottery to advance its instant game business strategy and sustainable growth plans by moving to the Scientific Games Enhanced Partnership program,” Matthias Müller, Managing Director Germany for Scientific Games, said.

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