Status and research of Crypto Gambling industry in 2021

By | August 19, 2021
Reading Time: < 1 minute has conducted deep research into the crypto gambling industry in 2021. Showing how the gambling industry first came in contact with cryptocurrencies as well as, the threats and issues of the industry.

The research accentuated the potential growth of the industry taking as an example,, a website led by FirstByte Media, where the number of user’s resources was 952.52% higher in the first semester of 2021 than in the last semester of 2020. This is an enormous increase for such a small period, baffling even the most optimistic projections.

It also highlights global warming trends in the most important markets in the sectors as the U.S market with a rise of 536.96% in crypto gambling users, 615.09% for the U.K., 490% in India, 748.98% in Canada, and a staggering 1021.43% in Germany, making it the leader of the list, well, at least percentage-wise.

The analysis goes on to reveal the biggest brands entering the market, the most popular games in the crypto gamble, and the top cryptocurrencies in the online casinos.

Cosmin Mesenschi – FirstByte Media’s CEO, said: “We want to make sure our users are well informed about the crypto gamble’s rise as well as the expectations in 2021 for the whole crypto industry. The results are promising, it won’t be a surprise to see this new method have positive growth in this new technologic decade”.

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