Major Changes for NFL and American Sports Betting

By | September 9, 2021

We’ve got American sports betting news as we look forward to the NFL season! We discuss some huge gambling news to discuss about the League and its relationship to betting on their games. We also discuss a casino reopening and current conditions in Las Vegas!

This week’s we’re talking American sports betting news, the kickoff of the NFLl season, and all the changes that come with that! Not just from the pandemic, either! In fact, the first change we’ll be discussing is a first ever for the NFL, as the Superdome (home of the NFL’s Saints) is getting a new name. Beginning this season (and for the next 20 years) it will be known as the Caesars Superdome! But what the League did next is even more shocking.

Starting this year, they will allow sports betting advertisements to run during games! There will be some limitations in place on how many ads can be shown, with one advertisement during the pregame and another at halftime. Plus, an additional one advertisement during each of the four quarters.

Of course, no show about American sports betting would be complete without discussing Covid-19. And while we do primarily focus on the gambling news, we thought you might like to know what the NFL’s policy is for attending games. Their Fan Health Promise suggests that if you have Covid-19 you should probably stay home and not attend a game. They also say that if if you have symptoms of Covid-19… or or think you might be coming down with the virus… you should probably stay home.

Also, the Main Street Station casino down on Fremont Street will officially reopen this week, after being closed for the pandemic since March of last year! They will welcome guests back beginning September the 8th… and not a moment too soon, may I add!

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