Melissa Lambson to Serve as Chief Credit Officer for Marker Trax

By | March 30, 2023


American digital casino marker developer Marker Trax has announced that highly knowledgeable banking professional Melissa Lambson has joined its ranks to serve in the role of Chief Credit Officer.

The Las Vegas-headquartered firm specializes in developing tools that help casinos to better manage their credit underwriting and repayment processes. These include a cashless digital marker system that works to reduce risk by ensuring all funds remain on-site and are paid in full while simultaneously providing cash desk operations with a more manageable player approval process.

Lambson has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry encompassing leadership and finance roles across Las Vegas and she was most recently employed as the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer for loan product firm Cash Factory USA where her eleven-year stint saw her handling all sub-prime consumer lending duties. Her skills additionally run to federal and state auditing, mortgage banking and loan processing as well as the creation of audited annual financial statements.

Charlie Skinner serves as the President of Marker Trax and he declared that Lambson is to now collaborate with company leaders and contracted partners to help both parties in reducing the risk management procedures associated with credit underwriting procedures and issuance.

“The experience and expertise Melissa brings to the team are key to our continued growth,” Skinner said. “Throughout her career, she’s successfully managed the financial operations of multimillion-dollar enterprises. Her leadership prowess and industry experience will help us even better manage the foundational elements of our business. We’re proud to set the standard for the cashless credit sector, a position rooted in efficiently and responsibly managing credit.”

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