Aruze Introduces Gong Gong Lai Fu Titles to US Market with ActivPlay™, Video Slots and Suite of ETGs to IGA 2023

By | March 30, 2023


Aruze Gaming America (Aruze), a leading developer of gambling entertainment solutions for the global casino market, today announced the US release of Gong Gong Lai Fu at the 2023 IGA show. Gong Gong Lai Fu has two title options, Mighty Buddha and Caishen Riches, exclusive to Aruze’s top performing cabinet the Muso Curve 55.

Aruze has spent its history innovating the classics without discarding classic offerings. Casinos need to continually offer a portfolio of games that draw on familiarity while also offering a new experience, leveraging new technologies to create active gameplay and new play styles. Aruze demonstrates this by continuing to introduce new and exciting video slots, like Gong Gong Lai Fu, and ETGs, in addition to its now industry-famous Activ-Play offerings such as Go Go Claw. By asserting both sides of its offerings, it encourages casinos everywhere to innovate game offerings without sacrificing game elements that gamblers have come to love.

“No industry can survive without innovating, and that includes casinos. Imagine a casino without ETGs or even video slots; it might be hard to fathom, but that was once a reality,” said Global CEO of Aruze Gaming, Yugo Kinoshita. “Innovation is tricky, and we recognize that. Casinos that lean too far into innovation risk abandoning their original audience, and casinos who focus on tradition over any innovation risk falling into obscurity. That’s why we create the best of both worlds; new innovative games like Go Go Claw, and iterations of classics, like Shoot to Win Craps and high performing slots on our exceptional family of cabinets. We believe players deserve the best that casinos can offer, and we are dedicated to equipping casinos with whatever they need to deliver that.”


Key products for sale on the IGA floor:

  • Gong Gong Lai Fu Mighty Buddha and Caishen Riches: Ring a gong and bring good fortune. A new set of reels will appear during Gong Gong Lai Fu Feature, awarding credit prizes or bonuses. With each gong appearance, it resounds — the gongs stay through the feature, adding to players possible winnings. Players who have Buddha’s lucky blessing can get all 15 gongs, putting the grand jackpot right in their pocket. Dragons, gods and merchants appear larger than life when this game is featured on Aruze’s Muso Curve 55.
  • Firestorm Lion and Firestorm Bull: Fireballs and blazing prizes are held behind a pride of beasts in Firestorm Lion and Bull on the larger-than-life Muso Curve 55. Transforming symbols kick off bets to be rewarded with free games, special wins and grand prizes. Special scatters can trigger a collect feature in which all prizes displayed on the collected scatters are won, including bonuses and jackpots. Even more special symbols unlock additional symbol rows during the “collect” phase bringing even more hot wins.
  • Gong Cash: Fortunes abound in Gong Cash Dragon and Lion. Will your future be overflowing pots of gold? Featured on Aruze’s Muso Curve 55, one of the largest cabinets of its caliber, special symbols trigger different surprises. A “Gong Spin” feature awards players with free spins. The Jackpot feature allows players to pick 12 different icons until a match is found, and the Jackpot level is revealed. Players are drawn in with the classic themes, hoping for luck from the beasts of prosperity.
  • Bomb Collector: With bright visuals, charming music, and chances for free games and bet multipliers, Bomb Collector is sure to be a blast for gamers. This five-reel, three-row video slot on Aruze’s T-32 cabinet, has 10 bet configurations, from 75 to 750 credits. Each bomb stack gives players the chance at one of these exciting wins: Wild Boom, Prize Blast, Free Games Explosion or a Jackpot Feature. Watch out for those Wild Booms! When a player spins a wild, they could win a Mini, Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot.
  • Diamond Pays Arabian Oasis and Diamond Pays Oriental Princess: Win dazzling treasures in a successive chain of prize collecting in a far-off land on Diamond Pays Arabian Oasis and Oriental Princess on the Muso Curve 55. This brilliant game features persistent bonus symbols, triggering free spin after free spin, increasing players’ chances at a jackpot. These free spins compound into a highly appealing, easy-to-play game full of mystery bonuses and major jackpots.
  • Shoot to Win Craps Lucky Roll: A revitalization of Aruze’s legacy Shoot To Win Craps Lucky Roll is an immersive experience with interactive play and spectacularly upgraded visuals. The overhead display features a wrap-around LED Display in the center unit. The platform now uses a new system for dice sensing, as well as new dice, with the upgraded security system and an updated camera system. Clients can utilize custom settings, including odds, commission, simultaneous bets, jackpot features, don’t bet areas, and side games. It also includes useful functionality for operators.
  • Go Go Claw Dream Prize: Go Go Claw Dream Prize uses its classic concept and nostalgic gameplay to turn passersby into players. Players use a classic arcade-style claw to grab a prize ball, which could give them a jackpot for the ages or a reason to try again. Go Go Claw Dream Prize gives players the opportunity to put their skills to the test for prizes in a unique gameplay experience.
  • Muso Dragon: The Muso Dragon is a sparkling red and gold dragon-themed signage option for the Muso Curve-43 cabinet. With a unique molded design, the Muso Dragon pulls in players with its bright accentures making it a design staple for any casino floor. The signage perfectly spaces out cabinets, giving players room to enjoy their gameplay without sacrificing the sense of community many come to expect from casino floors.

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