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In the mid-season update to KartRider: Drift, Nexon continues to fine-tune the racing experience by implementing improvements based on feedback from its global player base. Since last month’s Season 1 launch, which added PlayStation and Xbox consoles to the cross-play mix, KartRider: Drift has been the top free-to-play game on Xbox. Nexon also announced that North American and European players currently account for approximately 46% of new racers since Season 1 – the highest proportion of newly registered players.

In his Developer Blog post released yesterday, KartRider: Drift game director Jaeyun Cho emphasized the development team has been diligent in reviewing gameplay feedback, understanding player behaviors, and adjusting key in-game systems with balance and fairness in mind. A comprehensive list of changes in the Mid-Season 1 Update can be found online, but highlights include:

Kart Upgrade Costs

The Kart Upgrade system allows racers to adjust the driving performance of karts and fine-tune it to achieve maximum performance. After the patch, the amount of earnable in-game currency (called Lucci) required to reset a kart’s gears has been adjusted to 5,000 regardless of rank. Previously, it would have cost 7,000 Lucci to reset a kart at Fine rank, and 14,000 Lucci to reset a kart at Rare rank. These cost reductions will allow racers to experiment with multiple karts and tuning variations.

Kart Balancing

Also included in this mid-season update, players will be able to bring out the true uniqueness of each of their owned karts. To address this, director Cho stated that the five karts earned through License system missions and Racing Pass have now been given attributes to help differentiate them. “This is intended to maintain the fairness of the existing karts, while creating a bit of variety in the performance of the karts you can earn,” notes director Cho. Specific karts were called out in the Developer Blog post.

New Content

As part of Nexon’s commitment to improving the players’ experience, a brand-new game mode has been implemented into yesterday’s patch. As mentioned by Jaeyun in his blog post, “Factory Run” pits a team of four players who compete against 36 AI racers on a ‘Factory’-themed course (which is the setting for Season 1). Based on Item Mode, players race normally in “Factory Run” by collecting items to use against opponents, but, if overtaken by enough AI racers, they will be turned into an android kart, whose new goal is to knock former teammates out of the race. It’s thrilling and fast-paced, and gives KartRider: Drift racers a new opportunity to test their drifting skills and master the chaos.

In closing, game director Cho stated that, “We’re always looking for new ways to keep racers entertained by gathering feedback from racers across the globe. Following the new modes featured for this current season, we’re also excited to introduce more themed content in Season 2, which kicks off next month.”

Patch Notes for the April 5 mid-season game update can be found here, and the Developer Blog post from KartRider: Drift game director Jaeyun Cho are available to read here.

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KartRider: Drift is available to download and play for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Nexon Launcher, iOS App Store, and Google Play.

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