nanocosmos launches new security feature for content providers to shield their interactive live streams against illegal activities

By | May 9, 2023
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The real-time live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud is even safer now: nanoStream Guardian has been added to block unauthorized access.

nanocosmos, the Berlin-based real-time streaming provider, introduces nanoStream Guardian, a new service released with nanoStream Analytics 2.20.1 which is part of their B2B live streaming platform and API nanoStream Cloud. nanoStream Guardian addresses most recent demands from publishers and IP holders for robust stream protection, and adds to nanoStream Cloud’s key assets, including global footprint, adaptive player, stability and reliability. Protecting streams from unauthorized access has become a major requirement as anywhere, anytime content availability and interactive livestreaming have gained popularity.

Illegal stream replication and tampered live streams may damage the reputation of a content provider. Illegal playbacks may even force a provider to compete against his own content and unauthorized access can get a business tangled up in data breaches or unwelcomed liabilities.

In 2022, nanocosmos simplified token-based access (JWT) and introduced additional protection by webhooks in order to address malicious activities, which included the hijacking of streams. With the new release of nanoStream Guardian, nanocosmos continues to integrate progression and innovation into their nanoStream Cloud platform in the midst of their milestone 25th anniversary this year. The extension of security features adds to nanoStream Cloud’s signature focus on streaming quality and reliability. The company’s award-winning solutions strive for the highest Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for interactive use cases based on ultra-low latency live streaming on a global scale.

nanoStream Guardian is integrated into the nanoStream Cloud Analytics dashboard, where it provides an overview of suspicious activities, empowering users to block specific client web sites, referrers and IP addresses and IP ranges from accessing live streams. It follows a simple principle: Observe activities, evaluate suspicious ones, then block identified threats. Alternatively, to the analytics dashboard environment of nanoStream Cloud, nanoStream Guardian API is available for customers who require additional control and features e.g. blocking IP ranges.

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