Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) enters the European Market Partnering with Europe’s Leading Gaming Systems Distributor, Modulus

By | October 11, 2023
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Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Modulus, a leading International supplier of gaming management systems to over 300 Casino Resorts. This significant collaboration will enable QCI to expand its global footprint and leverage Modulus’s comprehensive solution and well-established relationships to deploy advanced Artificial General Intelligence enabled technology solutions throughout the gaming and hospitality industry.

Marc Attal, the Chief Operating Officer of Modulus, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “This alliance with QCI is a significant milestone for Modulus. It empowers us to enhance our offerings and deliver cutting-edge technology including smart algorithms that unlock customer devotion. We are excited to join forces with QCI, a renowned leader in AI innovative technology, and look forward to a successful and fruitful collaboration.”

The partnership aligns with QCI’s commitment to providing sophisticated technological solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and growth within the gaming and hospitality industry. By joining forces with Modulus, QCI will strengthen its international presence and enhance its ability to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled service to a wider audience.

In reflection of this partnership, Andrew Cardno, Chief Technology Officer for QCI stated, “QCI is dedicated to forging global relationships that bolster our mission to advance AGI driven technology within the gaming and hospitality sector. Partnering with Modulus, a respected leader in the International market, aligns seamlessly with our goals and values. This collaboration promises to deliver robust technology solutions and comprehensive support to our expanded clientele, solidifying our position as a global leader in the industry.”

With a shared vision for technological excellence and innovation, QCI and Modulus are poised to make substantial advancements in the International gaming and hospitality industry, delivering superior solutions and support to clients and contributing positively to the industry’s growth and development.

QCI extends a warm welcome to the Modulus team and looks forward to a rewarding and prosperous partnership.

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