Sorare to Be Investigated Because of Unlicensed Gambling Platform

By | October 12, 2021
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As a result of an unlicensed gambling platform, Sorare will be investigated.

Sorare is currently under investigation by the UK Gambling Commission because it does not have a gambling license to operate in the country. The Gambling Commission will look into whether Sorare needs a gambling license and whether the business is legal or not.

The Gambling Commission believes that Sorare may be operating outside of the required regulations, and as a result, they advise players to take this announcement into account when deciding whether or not to use the site and the gambling.

Furthermore, no more information will be released until after the investigation has been completed in its entirety. Aside from being an online gambling platform, Sorare is a step away from being one. The commission must verify that Sorare complies with all relevant regulations.

A Reaction from Sorare to the Situation: When Sorare was confronted with the allegations, they decided to come clean right away and claim that they don’t engage in any illegal gambling. Upon speaking with their legal team, it has been determined that this cannot be considered online gambling.

They claim that the platform is working on it and that the commission doesn’t think of them as “gambling” because they aren’t in the same category as gambling in general.

Any and all authorities and regulators should be aware that they are welcome to take part in an open discussion on this subject. The subject of the game’s operation and everything that surrounds it can also be discussed. Regulators’ interest in their technology is therefore not a surprise to Sorare.


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