By | July 11, 2023


Start practicing your dropkicks because you could be heading into the octagon. ACR Poker today announced The Cage Live, its famous cash game in a tournament format, is returning to San Jose, Costa Rica from August 16th-19th.

“After awarding recent packages to great destinations like Cyprus, Vietnam, London, Uruguay and Las Vegas, it’s great to welcome players back to Costa Rica,” stated Chris Moneymaker, ACR Pro. “There is going to be exciting action, both on and off the felt, starting with the player party with free drinks on opening night.”

There are 36 packages guaranteed to go in the Cage Live. Players qualify through the Beast satellite on Sunday, July 9th, 16th, and 30th, plus August 6th. The satellite direct buy-in is $95, although many players will earn their seat for free by ranking on The Beast weekly leaderboard.

Each package is valued at $8,700 and includes the $5,250 buy-in to the Cage Live, and 5-nights’ accommodation at the luxurious Sheraton Hotel where the event will be played. Players will also receive $400 for cash games, $800 for airfare and $1,000 in spending money.

In the Cage Live, players start with $5,000 in chips and blinds increase throughout the event, just like in a tourney. Players can earn chips during one or more of the Day 1’s and use that total stack to begin Day 2. When time expires on Day 2, the chips on the table are converted to cold hard cash at a 1-to-1 ratio.

Moneymaker wanted to remind players that they can’t cash out their chips until Day 2 is over. That’s why it’s called The Cage.

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