Working Outside the Box: Fanatics Betting and Sports CEO Matt King Joins as Keynote Speaker at SBC Summit North America

By | April 25, 2023


Matt King, the Chief Executive Officer for Fanatics Betting and Gaming, is poised to captivate audiences by dissecting his game-changing strategy of assembling a team of experts from beyond the traditional confines of the industry. This bold approach will be the focal point of King’s exclusive speech at the highly-anticipated SBC Summit North America conference and exhibition.

The ‘Keeping it Fresh: Revolutionizing Sports Betting and iGaming with a Fresh Mindset’ keynote will open the first full day of the event and the ‘Leaders’ conference track (Wednesday, May 10th), at the leading iGaming and sports betting event in North America, taking place at Meadowlands Exposition Center, New Jersey.

During his keynote, King will reveal his strategy for elevating the Fanatics Betting and Gaming brand. The Chief Executive Officer will explain how building on an already proven brand like Fanatics, harnessing the power of a devoted sports fan database and embracing the company’s pioneering approach to talent acquisition can result in fresh strategies that have the potential to revolutionize the industry.

After spending over a decade at KKR, a global investment company, King joined industry giant FanDuel as the Chief Financial Officer. Following this tenure, he held the position of President of Regional Operations and Corporate Development at Cottingham and Butler, an insurance broker. King then returned to FanDuel and spent his last four years at the helm of the company. In 2021, he joined Fanatics Betting and Gaming, leaving FanDuel as one of the most successful industry leaders.

Fanatics had an opportunity to use its recognizable brand name, infrastructure, tech, database, hundreds of sports partnerships and innovative mindset to go beyond merchandise and explore areas across the entire sports ecosystem. In August 2021, Fanatics announced plans to evolve into a leading global digital sports platform through expansion into new verticals including physical and digital trading cards and collectibles, sports betting and iGaming. Soon after, Fanatics Chief Executive Officer, Michael Rubin, announced he would be creating Fanatics Sportsbook and by the summer of the same year had recruited King as Chief Executive Officer of their new division, Fanatics Betting and Gaming.

In January 2023, King and his team entered the legal sports betting market with the official launch of Fanatics Betting and Gaming’s new retail sportsbook at FedEXField, Maryland. In a unique move in the industry, the Fanatics Sportsbook is currently beta testing with sports fans in Tennessee and Ohio. King believes that working with customers in a beta testing situation is one of the fresh perspectives that has the potential to deliver a sports betting and iGaming product that sports fans deserve.

“We are beyond excited to have Matt King as a keynote speaker at SBC Summit North America,” the Founder and Chief Executive Officer for SBC, Rasmus Sojmark, said. “Matt has the unique advantage of already having an established and celebrated legacy within the industry whilst still having so much to offer. His innovative thinking and highly-regarded insight is catapulting the industry into a new age of accessible and celebrated playing. His discussion on revolutionizing sports betting and iGaming is sure to be both fascinating and invaluable.”

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