Gambless tackles workforce burnout with Mindspa

By | July 21, 2021

Gambling-harms prevention and support platform Gambless has joined forces with mental health app Mindspa to expand psychiatric support resources for gaming industry employers.   

The partnership follows an 18-month evaluation in which Gambless recognised the mental fatigue of gambling employees working in a ‘perpetual state of disruption and uncertainty’.

It noted that employee mental health had risen to the top of the agenda as an issue that won’t  “go away with a vaccine”.

“Be it to prevent burnout, to increase productivity, or to improve overall health, companies have figured out that adding mental health benefits far outweighs the cost,” it said. “And with the help of technology, such services are now more efficient, more easily accessible, and more inclusive than ever.” 

Partnering with Mindspa, Gambless aims to offer direct mental health resources to be made available for gambling employees, helping companies continue to safeguard the well-being of their most vulnerable players.

Mindspa is a mental health app which helps users cope with their day-to-day emotional balance  through psychoeducation and mood tracking. It features a diary where users can rate their mood and exercises to help users manage their feelings. 

ORCHA certified and available in five languages, the Mindspa app was recently featured by Apple Inc, which praised the quality of its provisions that are trusted by nearly 400,000 users worldwide.

“When it comes to gambling companies, however, the challenges of mental health increase considerably. Operators need to embrace a double responsibility, towards both their employees and their customers.” Gambless added. 


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