Washington State to Adopt New Gaming Compact for Sports Betting

By | October 30, 2021

washington_state_agrees_new_gaming_compact_amendment_for_sport_bettingWashington State Gambling Commission has secured a tentative agreement with the Sauk Suaittle Indian Tribe to include sports betting in the Class III gaming compact of the Tribe.

The tentative deal is subject to state and federal permission and follows the adoption of the law in March 2020 approving sports betting at Tribal Casinos. As a reminder, the Gambling Commission has already approved compact amendments with 15 Tribes.

Washington State Gambling Commission chair Bud Sizemore said:

“This tentative agreement to amend the Sauk Suaittle Indian Tribe’s Class III gaming compact to include sports wagering represents the Gambling Commission’s continued work with Tribal Gaming Agencies across the state 

“Our mutual efforts are successfully helping Tribal casinos add this new gaming experience for their customers.”

Tribal chair Nino Maltos II says that The Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe is excited for the opportunity to explore the new gaming opportunity. They believe that sports betting is an exciting area that can deliver economic opportunity to Sauk-Suiattle and the Indian Country.

He added:

“We look forward to continuing our cooperation with the Washington State Gambling Commission to offer robustly regulated gaming that still offers quality entertainment to customers.”

About the Commission

Washington State Gambling Commission is the official regulator of the state, focused on the protection of the public by guaranteeing that gambling at casinos is legal and fair. Its vision is to maintain public confidence by performing a fair and effective regulatory and enforcement gambling program, detecting illegal activities, building new partnerships and relationships, delivering a workplace that enables employees to stand out at their jobs, and responding to the fast-increasing gambling industry.

Washington State Gambling Commission values Integrity, Professionalism, Respect, and Diversity. The authority is an authorized, law enforcement agency and the unique statewide agency dedicated to gambling licensing, enforcement, and regulation.

Thanks to the collaboration with local, federal, state tribal, and global law enforcement agencies, the Commission works to fulfill its legislative declaration of keeping the criminal impact out of gambling and fostering social welfare via regulation and regular controls.

The Commission consists of five commissioners selected by the Governor for a six-year period. The Commission organizes public meetings on a regular basis and makes important policy and budget decisions while taking action on administrative issues. There are 4 members of the Legislature who serve as ex-officio members. They also vote to authorize or amend tribal Class III gaming compacts. They also have an important liaison role between the Legislature and the commission.


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