CT Interactive Offers Hot Luck Jackpot with All of its Games in Italy

By | May 19, 2023
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CT Interactive’s games have been recertificated for the territory of Italy. The provider’s content will continue to serve the Italian operators now with each game linked to the Hot Luck Jackpot.

Hot Luck is a 3-level jackpot that offers additional winnings, coming with the Hot Luck scale. The scale is situated at the right side of the slot game and with each bet it rises until it reaches the top or one of the mystery jackpot levels – Minor, Major, or Mega – is hit.

“The Hot Luck Jackpot enables operators to deliver thrilling, personalized experiences that align with their customer retention strategies. The Jackpot mechanics give players the chance to win massive acquisitions while having a great time,” Milena Tsankarska, Head of Business Development EMEA at CT Interactive, said.

“We are so proud to better the Italian players’ experience and make it even more fun and enthralling. This is one of the best jackpot concepts that has proven to be a customer’s favourite around the gaming world,” she added.

The Hot Luck Jackpot is an excellent tool for both players and operators. It offers adjustable hit limits for each level and adjustable bet limits for each level, which make it a very good instrument for online casinos.

“Our priority as a company is to enrich, improve, and deliver new and existing content to our partners around the world. We have set a goal for the future to keep expanding our footprints in Italy,” Silvia Hristova, Head of CRM at CT Interactive, said.

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