SCCG and Snapscreen Inc. Forge Strategic Partnership For Distribution of SnapOdds Technology – The “Shazam for Sports Betting”

By | August 1, 2023
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SCCG Management, a leading advisory firm in the global gambling industry, announced today a strategic partnership with Snapscreen Inc., the New York and Austria-based technology company behind the innovative live-betting video recognition technology, SnapOdds.

The alliance aims to leverage SCCG Management’s extensive network and expertise to bring SnapOdds, described as the ‘Shazam for Sports Betting,’ to new audiences worldwide. The SnapOdds technology allows users to recognize live sporting events broadcast on TV or streaming platforms using just a single snap from a mobile device and facilitates in-game betting. The technology can easily be integrated into social media, sports media, and sports betting operator platforms.

Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG Management, emphasized the significant opportunity this partnership presents, stating, “The collaboration with Snapscreen Inc. represents a pioneering moment in the sports betting industry. By aligning our expertise with their state-of- the-art SnapOdds technology, we are poised to reshape the landscape of live sports betting, delivering an unprecedented, intuitive experience to fans globally. This is an exciting step towards our commitment to drive innovation and expand opportunities in the world of gaming.”

“We are delighted to partner with SCCG Management to bring SnapOdds, our innovative ‘Shazam for Sports Betting’, as our technology is usually called, to new audiences,” said Thomas Willomitzer, Founder and CEO of Snapscreen Inc. “When sports fans use SnapOdds technology, they can’t believe how easy and exciting it is to go from watching a game on TV or Streaming to betting on it. With SCCG’s extensive network and undoubted expertise in the industry, we see a great potential for collaborations within their ecosystem and beyond.” Thomas is the founding CTO of, the leading ID verification provider in the industry, where he got the idea for SnapOdds

This strategic partnership underscores the potential of SnapOdds technology as a game-changer for sports betting operators worldwide. The focus is on engagement and retention and acquisition for sports book operators, sports media, and affiliates. For engagement and retention, operators can embed the front-end only technology into their mobile and web apps literally within a day. For acquisition the SnapOdds technology can be leveraged within a day in social media and banner campaigns – literally the “smartest ad banner in history.”

For operators, it represents an unprecedented opportunity to engage with audiences in real-time, enhancing user experience and driving increased participation. By connecting viewers with live game odds through a simple snap, technology creates a dynamic, interactive platform that revolutionizes the way fans interact with their favorite sports. The integration of SnapOdds with sports betting operators and social media platforms everywhere will not only redefine convenience in live-betting but will also add significant value to the overall user journey, creating a new frontier for growth and innovation within the industry. Just think of what a concept like “Pokémon GO for TV” or similar concepts can do to improve the overall excitement and participation of players worldwide.

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