The best on the market: Betfury gives $1500 for each invited friend

By | October 4, 2023
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Unique opportunities for passive income are emerging in the crypto world. BetFury has launched a Referral Program with a $1,500 bonus and up to 30% commission. It has become the most profitable two-way system in iGaming. This article will briefly consider all its advantages.

About BetFury Referral Program

The Referral Program is a system of receiving rewards for attracting new users to the platform. BetFury has made it two-sided, which allows both the referrer and the referral to benefit. Income depends on the general wager and the choice of iGaming or iSports.

What does the referrer get by inviting a friend?

  • $1,500 Referral Bonus: This bonus is credited instantly but needs a certain referral’s wager for withdrawal. The referral can enjoy playing Slots, Live, Original games, or Sports and simultaneously unlock the referrer’s reward.
  • Commission up to 30%: This is a permanent reward for the activity of the invited friend. The income is calculated by the formula: Wager x House Edge x Commission. The commission is 30% for Sports, 15% for Slots/Live, and 5% for Original games. For example, if the referral bets $1,000 on Sports, the referrer receives $3.

What does a referral friend get?

  • $200 Referral Bonus: This bonus is also credited instantly. Analogically, the reward is being gradually unlocked while the referral is having fun and making the wager.
  • Shared Commission up to 50%: The referrer determines this percentage. The referred friend can earn 10%, 25%, and 50% of the total referrer’s commission. For example, if a campaign has a 10% shared commission and the referral makes a $20,000 wager in Original games, he will get a $1 reward, and the referrer will get $9.

Therefore, the BetFury Referral Program offers $1,700 referral bonus rewards in total and the opportunity for both sides to receive high commission rewards. The more invited friends – the higher the income. The number of referrals is not limited. The minimum wager to unlock the Referral Bonus is $500.

Market Comparison of Referral Programs

BetFury has the most profitable Referral Program in iGaming. This fact is based on comparing competitors in the crypto gaming industry as of September 28th. The difference between the BetFury Program and the Referral System of another popular platform:

Referral Program Referral Bonus Commission Reward for the $1,000 Wager
BetFury $1,500+$200 up to 30% $0.75 x 2 referral bonus
Popular Platform $1,000 up to 25% $0,5 referral bonus

Other iGaming platforms also use the formula: (Wager/2) x House Edge x Commission. It negatively affects the getting of top rewards quickly. It shows that each unlocking step gives half the crypto. Therefore, these facts prove the advantage of the BetFury Referral Program in the market.

How to Create a Referral Campaign?

  • Go to the Referral Program page.
  • Click “Create a new campaign” and create a unique referral code.
  • Choose the preferred percentage of shared commission to make the offer more attractive.
  • The system will create your link and code, which you can use to invite friends.
  • Click “Share via socials” and see a basic referral offer message and the banner.

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