SlotsMillion to Hire New Player Protection Team After a Successful Year

By | July 18, 2021

slot_million_launches_new_player_protection_team_following_most_significant_year_to_date (1)Respected provider of online casino games, SlotsMillion, is celebrating one of its most successful years by launching a new Player Protection Team. This step is part of the brand’s strategy to enhance its responsible gambling policy.

SlotsMillion has completed several important projects in 2021 and it continues to build a customer base by delivering versatile games while focusing on security. The company separated its B2B and B2C operations and completed a rebranding process. It has also launched a brand-new user interface across all business markets.

SlotsMillion entered the Swedish market to further enhance its European foothold. It has also changed the current offer to the UK market with an incredible welcome offer that has already been accepted among gamblers. It added more than 1000 games during 2021 and will continue in the same style.

The formation of the Player Protection Team is part of the company’s strategy to eliminate risks connected with excessive spend while also keeping crime away from gambling.

Speaking on the latest decision, SlotsMillion’s CEO, Charles Gross said:

“The past year has been enormously ambitious and significant for SlotsMillion. We have redefined our product, revamped our brand, and completely rethought the way we operate in an increasingly saturated market.

“It could even be said that it has been one of our most important periods in terms of reshaping our modus operandi, our objectives, and paving the way to an entirely new phase marked by innovative projects and the recruitment of new talent to join our team in order to achieve our many goals.”

More About SlotsMillion Ambitions

Apart from having successful years, SlotsMillion is looking to enhance its responsible gambling focus as well as to launch an innovative SlotsMillion app.

Speaking on the new projects, Gross added that responsible Gambling has been one of the main visions of their operation. The company puts responsible practice at the core of the operation and it was the case even before all industry changes over the previous years. For this reason, SlotsMillion will put efforts to refine and ameliorate the approach to Responsible Gambling.

According to the CEO’s words, the company has performed a rebranding process, with their core values remaining intact – to provide an outstanding online casino experience to users with a wide variety of games and a player-first approach. SlotsMillion is proud to see that everything they did in the past has opened a way for an auspicious future. The brand will continue to provide players with a first-class gaming experience while putting its brave ideas into practice.


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